Mats Rehnman

Eastmansvägen 35
113 61 Stockholm
++46 834 41 33


Fabula is a storytelling company in Stockholm that operates throughout the whole of Sweden, the Nordic countries and many others. We create educational courses for everything from stage artists to businesses, schools and organizations. Fabula produces programs of oral storytelling for young and adults and perform on all sorts of stages, schools, theatres and festivals all over Sweden, but also touring internationally with approximately ten countries each year. We also educate people of all ages and in different occupations how to perform and use storytelling in for instance education.

Fabula are manage by four professionally storytellers: Ida Junker, Mats Rehnman, Kersti Ståbi and Peter Hagberg with help from a couple of other people.

Fabula is running a Storytelling Stage, and the biannually “Fabula International Storytelling Festival”.