Tilman Fromelt

KunstSozialRaum Brunnenpassage
Brunnengasse 71
1160 Vienna
++43 1890 60 41

Brunnenpassage is a community arts centre situated in a former market hall on a busy street market in Vienna. Since 2007 more than 400 events are offered each season. The work of Brunnenpassage is based on the belief that access to art and culture is a human right.

Therefore its goal is to encourage people from different nationalities, of all ages and with varying socio-cultural backgrounds to engage in community arts projects together.

In order to foster mutual understanding and learning from each other, a wide range of activities for active participation as well as numerous performances and events are offered. Active participation in artistic processes opens up the possibility for many people to experience themselves in a new way and to gain self confidence. Our events are open to everyone who is interested. Participation in all events is basically free of charge.

Besides music and dance, storytelling has become a focus in our work.